Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year everyone…sorry I haven’t posted sooner.  Before Christmas I was rather busy with the afgans I made for all my sisters (Sherri, I promise, yours will be on it’s way!).  I still do not have pictures of all of them, someone forgot to take them before she wrapped the boxes!!

Here are some of the layouts I’ve worked on so far in 2012.  Some are with pics AND journaling!  There is a site that just totally inspired me to scrap away.  If I could find it again, I would give credit where credit is due but unfortunately, I did not bookmark the page!  They sell page kits and the owner of the blog is very talented!!  If I can find her again, I will add her name and a link to her website.


This last layout isn’t finished yet, I still need to add the rest of the words and the embellishments but I wanted to share as far as what it is done.

I have two other layouts as well but unfortunately my camera is thinking for me and turned them sideways.  As soon as I get them turned the way they should be I will post them as well.


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  1. Love your layouts girl! Pictures!! Yeah you put pictures on too!!! Woohoo!