Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Newest Layouts

Good Morning All....I've been absent from my blog but I have been busy.  I've been posting over on LGCUSCRAPPERS instead of over here.  Here are some of my newest layouts!

Thanks for looking!

This one is for Challenge #10 Black and White layout for LGCUSCRAPPERS
This is Challenge #9 on LGCUSCRAPPERS - Diana has so many gorgeous pics of her kids.....these next two layouts were just for her.

This Mickey Layout is for part of Challenge #9 on LGCUSCRAPPERS.  Diana was behind on scrapping her Disney trip so the challenge was to help her out.

I got distracted from a challenge and just wanted to play with pretty paper and butterflies with this one.  I just loved the pictures.
I'm so sick of winter and really ready for summer to arrive.  My niece and I were talking about pictures and she asked if I remembered this day and the pictures we took.  I came upstairs and started printing and came up with this.  The sun is an SVG file if anyone is interested.  Just shot me an email and I will attach it and send it back.

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